ANA’s 9 Tips to Sell Your Home in Winter…Brrrr!

In Calgary, it might seem like we have a longer winter season than summer. If you plan on selling your home during the winter months, here are my best tips!

  1. Make sure all your rooms are well lit. Replace low voltage or old bulbs with brighter or LED ones. In winter, the sun goes down much earlier, therefore your afternoon and evening viewings will require more light. Aim for 100w for every 50 square feet.
  2. Style your home as cozy as possible. This means layers. Put out a fur throw on the sofa or at the end of the bed. Luxurious touches that invite visual warmth will imbue a sense of comfort.
  3. Have an adequate place for boots and coats during your viewings. Empty out the front closet and put a mat underneath. This will not only keep the house tidy, but will make your potential buyer feel like they are already “at home”.
  4. Bake some cookies in the oven or have a fragrance diffuser in the home that triggers good memories of wintertime. Cinnamon, chocolate, cider smells are wonderful this time of year.
  5. Make sure the outside of the home is free and clear of snow and ice. This is your first impression and it needs to be as easily accessible as possible. Maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Adding a couple of winter planters is also a welcoming touch.
  6. Turn on all in-floor heat in bathrooms and in areas that have it. There is no other feeling in the world than coming in from the cold and into a warm cocoon of a home. Our feet love to be warm. Having said that, being too warm is also a turn off. Monitor the weather and plan your temperature control accordingly.
  7. Add fresh flowers in places like hallways and kitchens. The addition of botanical elements adds life to a room in winter.
  8. Keep your home as clean as humanly possible; give the kids baskets to put their bulky items into.
  9. Have a designated place you and the family can go that will allow you to work and the kids to continue to study or do homework; like a public library or cozy cafe.

Best of luck to you!

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