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East Village – Creating a Community

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Since 2007, master developer Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) has been imagining how life in East Village will take shape, and turning that vision into a reality. Early on, CMLC recognized the importance of building a neighbourhood that prioritizes the residents who would call it home. CMLC aspired to develop the 49-acre area into a dense, mixed-use, urban village that would support community, in the truest sense of the word. They envisioned a liveable, walkable neighbourhood that facilitates connections; a place where residents would meet their neighbours by bumping into them on the street, in a public plaza, or at a community event.

CMLC is now well on their way to realizing their vision for East Village, and the key to their success is in their adoption of a placemaking strategy. This approach is rooted in community participation, and is designed to strengthen the connections between places, experiences and people.  CMLC has strengthened such connections through their investment in events – the ‘experience’ – and their investment in public spaces – the ‘place’. As a result, people have been drawn to visit and live in East Village, and a sense of community has been fostered.

Over the past four years, East Village’s population has grown dramatically with over 1000 new residents now living in the community. With this type of rapid growth, a critical part of creating a strong sense of community is providing opportunities for residents, new and old, to meet each other. Since the day new residents started moving into the community, CMLC has stewarded the delivery of ‘meet your neighbor’ events. Hosted community gatherings in outdoor public spaces as a means for new residents to get to know other members of the community and worked with community groups and service providers to understand the needs of a growing community.

With every residential project that is completed, more and more residents call themselves an East Village neighbour. And at community build-out in 2020, 11,500 residents will call East Village home.

Welcome home to East Village!