Biophilic Design

Create Your Own Green Space

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It might be the middle of winter here in Calgary, but things are popping up plant-tastic for 2018! The greenery trend we’ve seen for the last couple of years is still going as strong as ever. At Maison et Objet in Paris this month, attendees were snapping photos of huge displays incorporating large leafy patterns, emerald hues and jungle-liscious prints.

For us urban jungle dwellers, this is great news. As human beings living and working in enclosed environments, we crave to get into nature and the outdoors. When we bring these natural elements inside, something very interesting happens to us. We stress less, our cognitive function and creativity increase, our general well-being improves and we even heal faster!

This topic is really hot among residential and commercial designers right now. It’s called biophilic design. Biophilia is basically bringing plant life, in and around buildings. From homes to corporate offices, waiting rooms to shopping malls, school yards and even community gardens, more and more people are implementing a back to nature approach with respect to design. Have you been noticing a lot more living walls, potted trees and plants in your daily travels? We have!

Even if you lack a green thumb, you can still add a biophilic touch to your space by using botanical inspired wallpaper, fabrics or decorative accents like silk plants. Everybody should be able to reap the benefits that a connection to nature gives. If you’d like to add some “green” to your home or office but don’t know where to start, email me at

Other ways we can go green in our homes would be:

  1. Use no VOC or low VOC paints.
  2. Let the sunshine in and fresh air circulate around your home.
  3. Use organic materials, such as wool, wood and stone.
  4. Replace old lighting and windows with energy efficient options.
  5. Use solar powered batteries for your remote controlled window coverings