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How to Find a Home Inspector

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Congratulations, you’ve found the home you’ve been searching for. One of the next steps is finding a home inspector to help you close the deal. Where do you start?

First and foremost, all inspectors in Alberta must hold a license to perform home inspections. You can check for this easily on Service Alberta’s website. Many times, you’ll get a short list of inspectors from your agent. That can be a good place to start but remember, the choice is still yours. The key point here is to make sure you do your own research.

Check them out. Go to their websites. View their home inspection experience, their qualifications, and check out any customer reviews. If you’re not sure where to start, go to and use our ‘Find an Inspector’ tool. Over the course of the show, our members will discuss topics that we hope are informative and helpful to you, whether you are purchasing a home or if you’re looking to protect the value of your present home.

Alan Fisher is the president of the Alberta Professional Home Inspectors Society (APHIS).  APHIS has been representing home inspectors in Alberta for 25 years as CAHPI Alberta. The name has been changed recently to reflect their renewed commitment to represent, improve, and advocate for home inspectors in Alberta.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

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Hello! Thank you for visiting us, let us introduce ourselves.

We are Homes & Lifestyles Canada, Calgary’s newest show on CTV about homes and well, you guessed it, lifestyles! We are here to help you navigate the real estate industry, while sharing the best that Calgary has to offer. We are proud of our city and are excited to tour you through beautiful local homes, share amazing neighbourhood restaurants, and take you to hidden gem parks to explore. Each week we feature a fresh panel of experts made up of industry experts, trend setters, and community leaders.

Our first episode will be airing on October 28 on CTV at 10:30 a.m. We’ll be airing weekly on CTV and CTV2. Please check back for full schedule information.

We are hosted by Kim Hayden, a veteran real estate agent and TV talk show host. Born American but Canadian made, Kim has lived a colorful life which engages people and helps her relate to many different situations and experiences. A unique perspective, opinions freely given, and a smile for everyone, Kim will be a hostess that you can enjoy and connect with.

Each week, we feature top real estate professionals to tour you through amazing Calgary homes, meet up with our park expert to check out beautiful parks to explore, and we visit the hottest local restaurants. Kim sits down with a panel of experts to answer all those questions that you’ve always wanted to ask. From learning about the importance of staging your home to finding out how to pick the right neighbourhood for you, Kim guides us through all things home and Calgary.

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