How to Sell Your Home with Messy Kids

Kids right? Cleaning up after them is like cleaning up after a party that you weren’t invited to – and the party never stops! This is when you aren’t trying to sell your home, so what do you do when your home is on the market? Don’t worry, I’ve put together my top 10 best tips for getting your home sold, despite having messy kiddos.

  1. The daily to-do list. Get every family member involved with completing the daily to-do list. Put alerts on devices so that every morning everyone makes their bed and puts their unworn clothes away.
  2. Build multi-tasking muscles. Kids love games! Tell them they need to develop their “multi-tasking muscles” by making sure every trip up or down the stairs involves carrying something that needs to be put back in “its spot.”
  3. Have secret storage spots in each room. Make these new to-dos a snap by purchasing baskets or bins with lids that everyone can keep under their bed or in a designated storage area in each room.
  4. Hire a cleaning service. You need to make sure toilets, showers, and sinks are always sparkling. You can negotiate with cleaning companies to offer you the basics like bathrooms and kitchens (or the whole house). Tell your kids that they can earn some extra allowance each week if they keep their bathroom clean. Make sure each bathroom has its own set of cleaning items, including a container of disinfectant wipes for quick clean ups.
  5. Install diffusers at the entry so the home always has a pleasant fragrance. Hang charcoal air filters in smelly closets.
  6. Be proactive with your storage. Pack up any toys or clutter that make the most messes (ahem, Lego) right at the get go. That way you won’t have to worry about it when you have a last minute showing.
  7. Get the paint can out. Make sure all of your high traffic walls and doors are freshly painted; no need to see the many finger prints and dings accumulated over the years. Remove all posters tacked to walls in bedrooms.
  8. Relocate the pets. If possible, temporarily send beloved pets to a welcoming friend or neighbour’s house. This will eliminate any odors and associated accoutrements that may put off a potential buyer.
  9. Make sure everyone’s closets are super organized. This is one of the biggest challenges when you have kids, especially kids that like to collect things. A professional organizer can help. Potential buyers look inside of closets because storage is important, keep them as tidy as possible!
  10. Keep those carpets and floors spotless. Have your carpets and floors professionally cleaned prior to listing and install a strict “no shoes, no food, no drink” policy. Everyone enjoys their snacks and food at one designated spot which is cleaned immediately after each meal.

Best of luck! You can do this.

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