Now Trending: Bohemian Decor

With the weather getting a bit warmer this weekend, now is a great time to update a few things around the home. How about incorporating a bit of bohemian décor into your space?

So what is it you ask?

Bohemian decor is based on artisanal and crafted items accompanied by jungle chic. Woven baskets, hand knitted chunky blankets, macramé planters, macramé wall hangings, hanging greenery, cacti, and large leafy motifs.

My favourite way to incorporate bohemian decor is with woven baskets, handmade blankets, and plants. It is so easy to add these layers into a home. The colours I tend to use in bohemian decor would be a golden straw hue and its compliment, a purply blue or mauve.

The trends I am definitely seeing in bohemian decor are peacock chairs, basket lamps and woven wall hangings. Shag rugs, poufs and lots of relaxed pillows that lend to a Moroccan Kasbah feeling are indicative of this look. Motifs from Mexico or Aboriginal patterns also work really well in Bohemian designs.

Get out this weekend and see what inspires you!

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